David Price


Enter the mythological world of the Lightbringer, a time and place in the future, yet reminiscent of a long-ago past. A world where fearsome creatures and demons mingle with humans, and humans are sometimes blessed with unimaginable capabilities.

David Price's next book, Lightbringer, will transport you into the life of Deykin, a young man upon whom a burden is placed to pursue a quest that may change the world forever.

You are invited to learn more about the author and the origins of the story, as well as to sample just a taste of what is to come.


Published Books:

Dead In The USA By David Price

College girls just want to have fun. That's all Kim French wanted to do...have a little fun. Sure, inviting a male stripper back to her place was risky, but you only live once, right? But when that stripper turns out to be a deranged serial killer, it becomes the last risk Kim will ever take.

The Grim Reaper gives Kim's spirit a choice: Oblivion or Vengeance? Hungry for revenge, Kim's ghost chooses to avenge her death and stop her murderer from killing again. The hungry ghost leads two police detectives and a reality TV cop show on the hunt to catch her killer, culminating in the last concert ever played at the historic Boston Garden.

Published Stories

Dangers Untold

Tales from the Grave